Welcome to the TSI Quality Services (TSI-QS) Person-in-Charge (PIC) Website!

I'm delighted that TSI-QS is working with Dubai Municipality Food Control Department on the new Person-in-Charge (PIC) Program.

This site provides all the information you will need to learn more about the PIC Program, including details how to become qualified, details of our qualifications and PIC tools for you to download and use as part of your role as a PIC.

We will also keep you updated on PIC news, and report on the results of the TSI-QS PIC examinations.

TSI-QS is unique (click here to find out why), and we are committed to providing the highest standards of quality in all our lines of business, including PIC.

I look forward to working with you. To begin, I invite you to review the statement made by the Director of Food Control Department, Mr. Khalid Mohamed Sharif (please click here).

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jeremy Taylor
General Manager and Chief Examiner
TSI Quality Services