TSI Quality Services PIC Trainer Qualification

The TSI-QS PIC Trainer Award is available to:

External Trainers, i.e. trainers from specialist external training providers, or by

In-house Trainers, i.e. trainers who deliver training to staff within their own organisation.

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The details of the course are shown below:

Dubai Municipality approved? Yes.

Subject: The content of the PIC training courses, incuding details of PIC roles and responsibilities, PIC Program content and Dubai regulations. The course also teaches advanced training techniques covering the psychological aspects of training. Please refer to the PIC Trainer Syllabus document for more details of the course content.

Course Syllabus: Click here to view the syllabus.

Course structure: This course is based on the Dubai Municipality requirements for PIC Train-the-Trainer instruction. Click here to view the Municipality requirements.

Who should attend? Internal trainers from food businesses, and external trainers from third party training companies (please see the following page for eligibility and pre-requisite information).

Food Safety Qualification: A verifiable Degree, Diploma or an Advanced Certificate is required that encompasses one or more of the following topics:
• Environmental / Public Health,
• Food Science or Food Technology,
• Food Safety / HACCP,
• Food Establishment Management in the hotel, restaurant, or retail sectors,
• Food Microbiology.

Food Safety Experience: Trainers should have at least two year’s experience in food safety related job responsibility in one or more of the following areas:
• Supervision of food preparation (experience in food service / catering industry should be of a technical nature, and at a managerial level),
• Providing consultancy in food safety,
• Regulatory authority with food safety responsibilities,
• Quality assurance or control in a food operation,
• Food Safety training at an appropriate level.

Exemption to a formal food safety qualification: An exemption can be obtained if the trainer has more than 5 years of relevant experience (see Food Safety Experience above), and can demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills through a practical assessment conducted jointly by the Food Control Department and the Awarding Bodies. The assessment will determine the applicant’s knowledge and capability to train in a professional and efficient manner.

Training duration: 2 days (including examination).

Assessment type: Subjective question written examination paper.

Pass mark: 70%.

Award validity: Three years.

Ongoing requirements: Successful candidates will be observed during 5% of their yearly training sessions, and will need to take a refresher qualification before the end of the 3 year validity period.

To become an approved trainer please click here.