TSI Quality Services

With headquarters in Emirates Towers, Dubai, TSI Quality Services (TSI-QS) is an accredited PIC, food safety and HACCP Awarding Institution and Certification Body. Click here for details of our accreditation.

We have unmatched experience and unrivalled qualifications. For example, TSI-QS' General Manager and Chief Examiner (Dr. Jerry Taylor) has a PhD in HACCP and an MSc in Education, as well as 40 years of experience in training, education and food safety. Click here to view a summary of Dr Jerry's experience.

We also maintain expert committees including PhD-level experts in education, food safety, HACCP, psychology and microbiology. Click here for details about the experts we work with.

Our credentials are broad, with experience with public and private sector clients, as well as the FAO / WHO of the UN.

We specialise in high-level consulting to governments and municipalities including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, with a focus on food safety programs and projects.

Our technical capabilities include the end-to-end creation of uniquely high quality and original materials, including photographic examinations, training materials and a wide variety of communication tools, all of which cater for a comprehensive range of education levels, cultures and languages.